Welcome to AP European History

Welcome to AP European History ! ! !

This is a challenging but rewarding course that will continue to pay dividends throughout your educational and professional career. The hard work put into this SHORT eight-month course creates a deep understanding of the centuries-old political, intellectual, economic, and social dynamics that continue to impact and influence the world in which you live.  Knowledge of these dynamics will only heighten your global understanding and further insure advancement in the career of your choice.

Key to success in this class is:  (1) staying current with the daily reading assignments (2) completing the assigned “Discussion Questions” and (3) writing thoughtful responses to the Identification Terms (IDs)  that accompany each of the Ten Units.   These assignments are strategies designed to prepare you to knowledgeably respond to, and engage in, the daily class discussions.    Ultimately, these three assignments, which are the heart of this Ten-Unit course. will insure you pass the AP Exam administered in May.

Equally important is a positive attitude, unwavering  focus, and a solid work ethic.

It is strongly suggested that you form and/or involve yourself in a study group that is committed to meeting at least twice before each of the ten Unit Exams.  Research has proven that students who study in groups are more academically successful and perform higher on exams then those who study without the support of their peers.

Know that this IS a manageable course that anyone, including you, can master and ultimately earn a passing score on the AP Exam.

Work hard, stay focused, ASK for help, and you WILL be successful ! ! !

Good Luck :)